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OHV And Off-Road

With the right off-road vehicle, you can take in much of Utah's scenery not accessible to cars and RVs. There are thousands of miles of trails open to off-highway vehicles (OHV) — making off-roading one of Utah's most popular pastimes.

OHV Rules & Regulations

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Utah OHV Education Requirement

As of January 1, 2023, Utah requires all OHV operators to complete the Utah OHV Education Course. Completion is required in order to operate an OHV or street legal OHV on Utah's public land, roads or trails. 


Any OHV (ATV, UTV, motorcycle or snowmobile) must display a current OHV registration sticker. Most non-resident OHV operators are required to purchase a Non-resident OHV Permit for each ATV, UTV, OHM and snowmobile they bring into the state. These permits are available online or from vendors located near popular OHV destinations. Learn more about OHV registration in Utah.

Tread Lightly!

Not all areas are open to OHV use. Utah's mountains and deserts are fragile, remote and often adjacent to private land, so it is important to heed all rules and restrictions in order to protect yourself and the landscape. Check with Forest Service, BLM, or state park offices, before exploring on your own.

  • Registered off-highway vehicles may be operated on public land, trails, streets, or highways that are posted by sign or designated by map or description as open to off-highway vehicle use by the controlling federal, state, county, or municipal agency. According to this law, all roads, etc. are closed to off-roading vehicles unless posted open.
  • On U.S. Forest Service and BLM-administered land, off-highway use of any vehicle is permitted in designated areas only. Check with local agency offices for brochures and maps of appropriate areas.
  • Off-highway vehicle use is NOT allowed in most national parks, wilderness areas or on lake shores.
  • Practice fire safety: Spark arrestors are required on all off-highway vehicles (OHV). Don’t park a hot car or other machine in dry grass, even when pulling over on the side of the road. 

Read more at Tread Lightly! and learn about their programs and events focused on responsible off-roading.  


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