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Slot Canyons

Slot canyons are narrow gorges in soft rocks like Utah’s layered sedimentary deposits. They are named for their narrow width, often squeezing down to a sliver. It is said that Utah has the largest concentration of slot canyons in the world, and many of them are easily accessible. Discover the best slot canyons of Utah here, ranging from roadside strolls to guided canyoneering in permit-only, highly technical channels.

How to Canyoneer Safely

Slot Canyon Safety

The natural forces that carved slot canyons are still at work, and even light, distant rainfall can render slot canyons extremely dangerous — including flash floods. 

Certain areas are extremely remote and requires four-wheel drive and high-clearance, as well as technical canyoneering knowledge. This area is also prone to flashflooding. All these factors combine to make a guided canyoneering or slot canyon adventure the best choice for many travelers. Find a guide or read why you should hire a guide.

How to Canyoneer Safely

Written By Edmund Vallance

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned canyoneer, here are six expert tips for your next canyoneering adventure.

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